Meat Samosa Recipe

Meat samosa is a classic samosa filling that is very popular in Pakistan. This samosa is usually filled with ground beef or lamb, which gives it that distinct Punjabi flavor. It’s seasoned with a variety of spices including kosher salt, Indian chili powder, red pepper flakes and garam masala. The combination of these flavors give the samosa a warm and comforting taste. This samosa is also fried which adds crunch to the overall experience.

Unlike other samosa recipes, this one uses a pre-made puff pastry to make the process much easier. You’ll still need to prepare the samosa dough and assemble the samosas but the whole process is much quicker and simpler. You can find ready made samosa sheets at most grocery stores or even online. If you’re unable to get your hands on samosa sheets, you can use spring roll wrappers or filo pastry instead.

Aside from using a different type of dough, this recipe is also a great way to make your samosas healthier. By substituting the meat with a finely chopped mixture of vegetables, you can drastically reduce the calories in this samosa recipe. This is also a great option for vegetarians who want to enjoy the deliciousness of samosa without eating any meat.

The samosas in this recipe are fried to enhance the flavors but you can easily make them vegetarian by replacing the ground beef with paneer (Indian cottage cheese). You’ll need to crumble or cube the paneer and mix it with the onions and other ingredients to create the filling for your samosas. To make them spicier, you can increase the amount of chili powder or include some red pepper flakes in the filling. سمبوسة لحم

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