Fenben Lab Fenbendazol

Fenben lab fenbendazol is an animal anthelmintic that has shown cytotoxic and cytostatic effects in cell culture. The chemistry behind this is that it binds to b-tubulins and interferes with their dimerization to form microtubules, inhibiting protein synthesis, normal cell function, and cell division. This is a unique action for a substance marketed as an antiparasitic.

In multiple toxicity episodes in phylogenetically distinct species of birds, fenbendazole has been associated with bone-marrow suppression and intestinal crypt cell necrosis (Howard et al. 2002; Gozalo et al. 2006). The same mechanism that leads to leukopenia is responsible for these effects, and the effect of fenbendazole is to bind selectively to nematode b-tubulins over mammalian b-tubulins (Martin 1997).

Recently, a woman received pembrolizumab monotherapy for lung cancer, and her CEA levels became elevated and her liver function tests were abnormal. She then developed nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain. She consulted with her oncologist, who discovered that she had been taking oral fenbendazole based on information on social media sites claiming it had anti-cancer properties. The patient had been taking the medication for several months.

This is a completely illegal repurposing of a drug and has been very damaging to sick people that are looking for help and a cure. When a person searches for fenbendazole on Google they are bombarded with ads from a company called Fenben labs. This is an awful, despicable thing that is going on worldwide and it has to stop. We sell the only legitimate 99% pure pharmaceutical grade fenbendazole powder on the market that is guaranteed. Every batch is analyzed by a third-party lab and the report is included in each bottle of our product. fenbendazole for cancer

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