Trendy Handbags of 2023

From minimalist shapes to sculptural forms, these bags are guaranteed to elevate any ensemble. The trend has been spotted on the arms of style influencers like Zoe Kravitz and Sienna Miller, and is among the top handbag trends of 2023, according to shopping platform Lyst.

A defining feature of this trend is that it’s asymmetrical. Some bags have one central curve while others feature a series of slender peaks that create a crescent shape—think Loewe’s Puzzle bag, a geometric design inspired by origami which requires 75 separate pieces to make. Others have a rounded frame that’s more like the half moon bag you might remember from childhood, such as Aspinal of London’s Hobo Crescent bag, which treads the line between bohemian and minimalist styles.

The trend has also been elevated with slick finishes, including metallics and iridescent hues. This is in response to the rise of classic-core fashion, which advocates for capsule wardrobes and closet staples made with quality fabrics that last a long time. “As a result, we’ve seen searches for timeless designer bags that have stood the test of time go up,” Sciacca says. Examples include The Row’s 90-Handle bag and Louis Vuitton’s Papillon BB.

As for more daring designs, sphere-shaped bags are staging a comeback. While the ones we saw in the Fall/Winter collections were largely mini and structured, this season, Altuzarra sent smooth leather crossbody circle bags down the runway, while Bibhu Mohapatra used a rough-hammered finish on a hardshell bag that’s reminiscent of battle armor. Meanwhile, Givenchy has been experimenting with asymmetrical silhouettes, like its Kelly En Desordre bag, that playfully updates the Hermes original with a mythological figurative sculpture at the front. trendy handbags

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