Strategies for Outperforming in YouTube Views

Video content is expensive to create and a big waste of time if it’s not seen. Viewers are the lifeblood of YouTube videos, and their behavior can influence your marketing goals, whether that’s monetization, brand awareness, or driving traffic to your website. But you must prioritize the right audiences to maximize the value of your videos. That means knowing which strategies to employ in order to outperform your competitors in YouTube views.

YouTube’s algorithm rewards videos that have high audience retention, elevating them in search results and suggesting them on a subscriber’s “Home” feed. Achieving this requires that your videos keep viewers engaged throughout their duration. It’s also important to be able to identify what types of videos and topics your audience wants to see more of, so that you can produce videos that fulfill those expectations.

A key metric to track is unique viewers (or, more specifically, views per unique viewer). This metric is an excellent indicator of how well your videos are resonating with your audience. It’s also helpful to look for spikes or dips in engagement, which can give you insights into what parts of your video are losing viewer attention and what aspects of your video are keeping them engaged.

A common mistake is focusing too much on what the algorithm wants, instead of what your audience actually does or does not want to watch. Trying to please the algorithm can backfire, causing your audience to become dissatisfied with your content and making them less likely to watch your other videos in the future, especially if they weren’t interested in the topicality of the video they clicked on initially. Strategies for outperforming in YouTube views

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