Inspirational Rings

A piece of jewelry can be much more than an accessory; it can hold symbolic meaning that inspires the wearer. Inspirational rings are a great way to share a message with a loved one, or they can be used as a reminder of personal goals. There are a variety of options available, from classic metal to stone designs. Some are imbued with a specific color, such as a ring featuring the rainbow or a red gemstone to represent courage. Others feature religious, inspirational or friendship messages.

Symbolic bracelets are a popular type of inspirational jewelry. Often, they have two matching rings, one that the wearer keeps and the other that is given to a friend as a sign of the strong bond between them. Other inspirational rings are engraved with words such as hope, love and faith. This is a great gift for friends and family who are going through difficult times.

Other inspirational rings are imbued with a special power such as wealth. A Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra ring is usually worn on the middle finger, where the wealth line runs, so that it can activate its powers. This ring is also said to protect the wearer from negative energy and ward off evil spirits.

Copper is believed to have powerful healing properties. Some people wear copper rings, including those engraved with words such as peace, spirit, beauty and joy to inspire their daily lives. Tradition has it that touching these inscriptions and repeating them can help to imbue the wearer with the meaning of the words. inspirational rings

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